Knowledge Core

Uncovering the Unspoken



But how do we do this?


For a start we do things a bit deferentially.

If you are prepared to change the way you think about pitching and tendering, we can show you how to win business previously considered elusive.

Using the insights from Neuroscience were looking for how your customers and prospects filter the information you’re teams are using and what needs to be done to address both their spoken and unspoken expectations.

This empowers your team with the ability to step into your customers shoes and accurately draw out their value risk drivers.

We see our job is to lift the lid on the scenario and see the truth. From here the way forward becomes self evident. Our job is to look within the buyers brain and uncover their drivers for decision making.

To do this we are looking for their core beliefs, values and prejudices that underpin defense mechanisms, determine how buyers define value and the outcomes they’re looking t achieve. So we are known for getting to the core of what drives behaviour and defines a win or a loss.

It is all about uncovering & clarifying the relationship drivers that influence your market