Knowledge Core

Maximising the value of a membership tie in

Business Situation

This mid-tier accounting firm has a strategic alliance with an industry association. Although it promised access to a desired target market, the current strategies weren’t delivering results.

How We Helped

KnowledgeCore was called in to develop strategies to raise brand awareness amongst membership and deliver on the brand promise of business advice for members, with the ultimate goal of generating revenue.

To do this, we combined rigorous quantitative analysis with real customer interaction, conducting in-depth interviews with target customers to understand their unspoken needs and expectations.


KnowledgeCore developed a brand strategy that would deliver results for our client and for the association’s business objectives, ensuring a return on marketing investment.

We obtained the client’s commitment to a new strategic communications and relationship plan, and created key service offerings that would deliver more value to members than their incumbent accountants. For the association, this was a distinctive value-add for membership.
Having listened to these member issues, Adette also wrote an article that was published in the association’s medical journal, leading to a number of enquiries that converted into new clients.

Adette just rolls up her sleeves and gets into the trenches with us, and actually takes a share of the responsibility for winning the work. She has a level of credibility that engenders trust. She has worked at the pointy end of the sales process, before going back into s