Knowledge Core

Who do we work with?

We work with organisations with complex sales cycles in competitive markets, who need their sales teams to be far more than order-takers, and know they could win more work by refining:

  • Their strategic approach to tendering
  • Their customer relationship management approach to increase customer loyalty

Our long-term client relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and integrity, and our clients typically:

  • Appreciate our ‘tell it how it is’ style
  • Aren’t satisfied with the status quo and want to achieve a better result
  • Want the truth and aren’t afraid to have their thinking challenged
  • Love our commitment to them achieving the results and that we don’t stop till we do
  • The industries we work with

The fundamentals of solid research, sound analysis and close consultation give us the ability to work across a number of different industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • HR & Labour Hire
  • Logistics
  • NFP

Working alongside your in-house team, we take a complete view of your business, market and customers to develop customer and bid strategies that boost revenue and maximise the opportunities within the relationships.

We will not sell you a process and walk away – we empower those in your team constantly question and refine the way they do business, pitch for work and develop the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your customer base.


“What differentiates Knowledgecore from the rest, is Adette’s ability to influence one on one as well as working alongside us on client assignments. It’s her ability to roll up her sleeves and get into the trenches with us. She actually takes and shares the responsibility for winning the work and has done that over and over again. A lot of others doing her style of consulting will give you a bunch of theories and will step away, Adette doesn’t.

– Partner Guild Accountants

At KnowledgeCore, we believe you can tell a lot about a person over a coffee and a conversation. If you’d like to find out whether we can actually help you, and are the sort of firm you could work with, then the coffee is on us.


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