Knowledge Core


The way you teach communication skills have redefined the way I communicate with clients and building up my referral networks. Yes others teach this but not like you, you come from a paradigm of respecting the other person to whom I’m trying to build that relationship with and it’s a very different respectful way of selling it’s not about closing the deal its about opening the relationship and its totally different to how others teach this information.

Director, Mosaic Financial Planning

Adette helped us win the unwinnable. We came from nowhere yet she put together a very professional presentation unmatched by our competitors and focused on the needs of the organisation. Our proposal wasn’t off the shelf and was totally customised and tailored to the needs of the client. The feedback we received was that the proposal was by far and away the most innovative and tailored they received.

Partner, RSM

As part of a brand framework project for a food chain client of mine, I needed a qualitative Researcher to facilitate the focus groups as well as to bring insights to their thinking. Adette was not only a fantastic moderator, but with her strategic marketing background was able to provide great insights. I highly recommend Adette for any qualitative work linking with marketing insights.

Owner, Kaoz Design

Adette’s training although 4 years ago, is still with me. And it’s because it was so thorough that I’m now very focused on questioning prospects so that I can understand their needs and frame my services to meet these needs. I use her training each time I meet with a prospect and it’s helped me to win more work. What Adette taught me is now part of how I talk to clients and prospects. For example, I had a client I thought I could help with business restructuring. The first part of the project was an $8,000 review that led to another $40,000 assignment. Before Adette’s training, I don’t think I would have put the proposition to him. I would have waited for him to come to me.

Partner, RSM

What differentiates Knowledgecore from the rest is Adette’s ability to influence one on one as well as working alongside us on client assignments. It’s her ability to roll up her sleeves and get into the trenches with us. She actually takes and shares the responsibility for winning the work and has done that over and over again. A lot of others doing her style of consulting will give you a bunch of theories and will step away, Adette doesn’t.

Partner, Guild Accountants