Knowledge Core

Partnering for growth

To put it simply we help companies win business through tenders, proposals and presentations.

What has us stand apart is our passion for winning, by embedding teams with the skills, tools and knowledge to go up against their competitors and win!

We make sure the written documentation is focussed – on what they need to hear, not what your teams want to say – and are framed well enough to get our clients documents to the front of the line.  We then coach the teams to connect, addressing the underlying messages and needs that allow us to consistently deliver 85% win rates.

We care as much about the win as our clients do, and what we bring is an innate ability to draw out what’s not being said. Put this with an ability to read people and a love of the hunt, this is what helps our clients win.

When we help in the bid process what we are looking for is:

      1. How their cognitive biases are defining what they hear
      2. The unspoken assumptions and expectations they are bringing to the decision making
      3. What they are and aren’t hearing and how they are interpreting the information

These define how we frame the pitch (both the document and the presentation) with a focus on plain English.

“Your bid is always our bid, which means we stand apart because of our passion for winning.”


Have you attempted a government tender and struggled, found the process too complex and walked away or simply not tried because you don’t have the resources? As a boutique Bid Strategy Consultancy with a network of experts, we can help you navigate the convoluted world of government tendering.

We have decades of experience in government and infrastructure tendering and primarily help SMEs and mid-tier companies successfully compete on an equal playing field. We also provide support to larger companies that need to boost to their team.

Our founder, Adette Goldberg, is the strategic lead on every project and heads up a team up a team of five specialist writers and subject-matter experts and three designers. This ensures we develop the right documentation and supporting systems for a compliant bid that helps you stand out among your competitors.

These are the six pillars of our service promise:

Everything we do is grounded in evidence & focussed on optimising revenue from current and new relationships
At KnowledgeCore, we believe you can tell a lot about a person over a coffee and a conversation. If you’d like to find out whether we can actually help you, and are the sort of firm you could work with, then the coffee is on us.