Knowledge Core

Tailored RFT response that wins the unwinnable

Business Situation

When this labour hire business saw an opportunity to tender for a $7million maintenance labour contract for a global manufacturing company, its leadership team knew they needed help articulating their experience and value in a detailed RFT.

How We Helped

The real reasons a new contract becomes available are often unspoken. KnowledgeCore strategically led our client’s team in the tendering process, and met with stakeholders at every level to uncover any unspoken agendas, expectations and prejudices.

By taking the time to understand the underlying issues not mentioned in the RFT, we identified some areas they would need to address upfront – including previous disputes with union shop stewards, and the heightened risk of stop work orders in an outsourced model.

We could then address those issues directly into the tender and presentation, including case studies about how our client has proactively resolved similar issues before and had to expertise to transition large workforces.


Our client won the bid, beating the three largest outsourced labour hire companies in Australia. We were told the document was the most innovative they had read, and that Adette’s masterful presentation sealed the deal.

Adette’s facilitation of our recent request for tender went above and beyond. She spoke with our client to gain more depth. She got answers that were outstanding and dealt directly with what the client actually needed. The way she accurately reads people is exceptional.