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A 100% success rate for expression of interest

Strata Management Firm

With more than 30 years experience in strata management, our client is known for exceptional building management and service. But whenever they were asked to submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI) they had a less than 20% win rate in moving to the next stage of tender.

How We Helped

The key to this project was research diagnostics, and our ability to stand in the market’s shoes.

We developed an EOI document that would get them a seat at the tender table, and give them an opportunity to showcase their capabilities. We interviewed current clients to understand the value they provided, and what evidence the body corporate seeks during the assessment phase.

By positioning these benefits throughout the entire document, and sharing substantial evidence based data including testimonials and visual records, we minimised the risks of making a strata management decision.


One year later this document delivers a 100% success rate – every time they submit an EOI they are invited to tender.