Business Development, Communication & Relationship Strategists

Our sole purpose is to help companies win work, grow revenue and increase market share

We translate knowledge and information into revenue

As business development and relationship strategists, KnowledgeCore uncovers opportunities in our clients’ markets, and help turn them into revenue. In the past few years, we’ve helped 4 of our clients win over $40 million in new business alone, and the rest increase their revenue. By working with us, they honed their communication & relationship skills, consistently won new business or expanded their existing business, and increased their market share. We can also help you get wins on the board. Our reputation attests to this.

We help you get into the minds of your customers and prospects

And understand the world through their lens. This defines the strategic approach our clients need to increase their revenue and market share. Fundamentally, we help clients identify and build on the unconscious drivers and unspoken agendas of each decision-maker they meet. Delivering differentiated customer experiences.

We have 3 areas of expertise

  1. We are Customer Relationship Strategists who using qualitative and quantitative methodologies:
    • Uncover the missed and/or unmet market opportunities within your existing and potential customer base.
    • Get inside the minds of your customers & clients to understand the world through their lens, uncovering their most critical issues
  2. We are Business Development & Communication Strategists who ensure your communication pieces are designed to win business, consistently. We help you to develop the skills to produce non-formulaic, on-target:
    • Tenders, proposals and pitches
    • Capability statements
    • Brochures that are actually 'read' and retained, not binned
    • 'Thought Leadership' that's incisive.
  3. We’re coaches at heart, who help to embed skills within your teams to ensure they win work consistently. In particular, we embed the capability to:
    • Think strategically. To win work, you need a strategic perspective, templates get you only so far. And those skills will be in evidence long after we’ve gone.
    • Understand another’s cognitive perspective. To win, you also need the interpersonal and communication skills to identify what’s really important to the decision maker. And that’s not necessarily what’s written in the RFP. Our skill is in transferring the skills for your teams to do this.

We help our clients

Know your market through research..

As Customer Relationship Strategists: Uncovering unmet opportunities and understanding the customer's brain
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Win new business

  As Business Development & Communication Strategists: Producing on-target communications
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Grow client relationships

  We provide Customised coaching programs: Embedding skills, tools and knowledge to win long after we've gone
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