Knowledge Core

Business Development Strategists

People make decisions, not companies. And often, the reason business is won or lost has very little to do with whether your service or product is the best in the market. Because to put it simply that’s a level of subjectivity defined by the market, based on how well you’ve understood your prospects, their market and their issues.

In particular, you need to understand how they define value in the products and services you offer and your relationship with them – both of which are often unspoken and unconscious.

We find that the key to gaining this understanding – and developing strategies and communication pieces that win work – is to uncover their true buying drivers.

So that’s what we do.

We get inside the minds of your customers or prospects to understand the world through their lens. We deconstruct:

  • How they buy
  • What drives their decision making, both consciously and unconsciously
  • We get to the truth behind their perception of their ‘logical decision making’ to clearly identify how and what they define as value.
  • Then we frame your communication pieces to we speak directly to this truth. Whether we are developing the piece from scratch, or refining what you have begun, our skill is in ensuring we address both the spoken and unspoken, in:
  • Tenders, proposals, pitches, presentations
  • Capability statements
  • Brochures and thought leadership that are kept rather than ‘binned’

We uncover your customer or prospect’s criteria for value to ensure your communications and relationships match these criteria.

Understand how they define value in the products and services you offer and your relationship with them
At KnowledgeCore, we believe you can tell a lot about a person over a coffee and a conversation. If you’d like to find out whether we can actually help you, and are the sort of firm you could work with, then the coffee is on us.