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“Brain Research shows how Financial Advisors can successfully guide Clients”

95% of your clients and customers make decisions unconsciously. It follows then that unless we understand and uncover what drives each of them we miss the opportunity to really understand and respond effectively, and often with that their business.

The brain is actually really good at hijacking our thinking. And what’s more, our clients and customers are (for the most part) completely unaware of what’s going on. Have you ever had one of those conversations with a client that goes pear-shaped? Where they’ve just closed up for no (apparently) logical reason?  I have. It was instructive. One that I and so many others now understand and apply.

Recently, I was invited to give a presentation at a financial planning conference. Its focus was not only on what actually goes on in the brain but how to interpret it as an Advisor. Developing this whitepaper for Advisors addressing:

  • The three different areas of the brain, given that financial planning is linked to survival for a large % of the population.
  • When clients become irrational – what is actually going on for them?
  • What do financial advisors need to know, understand, discover and respect about our clients’ unspoken agendas?
  • Interpreting the customer’s agenda: what is the difference between what we think is real and what is entrenched assumption, and then how you can calm clients down, and keep them thinking more rationally

I hope you find this paper valuable, and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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Brain research shows how Financial Advisors can successfully guide clients.