Knowledge Core

In-depth analysis prevents failure on launch

Business situation

A technology start-up needed to understand the suitability of a new online marketplace solution for legal precedents documents. With government funding in place, they wanted to test demand and assessment criteria in different market segments, understand the competitor landscape and define commercial viability.

How we helped

Using our personal networks, we set up and carried out 50 in-depth interviews with influential stakeholders across three key states.


Through our qualitative data, we realised if the solution went to market the next day, it would fall flat – there were major flaws with the proposed business and pricing models and market perception. A similar business with a similar business model was already in market, and recording ongoing revenue losses.

By preventing our client from going to market prematurely, we saved them time and money – as well as the company’s reputation. But we also kept digging.
We recommended some more commercially viable solutions that remained true to the company’s vision and core proposition, but ensured market relevance.

KnowledgeCore didn’t just find the problem and walk away. They gave us suggestions and methodologies for a number of commercially viable alternatives – one of which we ended up using and going to market with.