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Traffic Safety Improvements – The Driftway, Londonderry

Richmond BridgeTransport for NSW is seeking contractors to complete Traffic Safety Improvements on The Driftway in Londonderry.

This project is part of Stage 1 of the New Richmond Bridge and traffic improvements project. The upgrades will support the future bridge and make the area safer for the community. The work includes upgrades to intersections, road widening, drainage improvements and the construction of new roundabouts.

At the moment, the existing Richmond Bridge carries around 31,000 vehicles per day in each direction, creating significant traffic congestion between the Richmond and North Richmond townships. The new bridge, which will be a third river crossing in the area, will save motorists time in peak hours when travelling between Richmond and North Richmond. The Australian and NSW Governments have already committed $500 million for the new bridge and it’s associated traffic improvements.

The Project’s Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is currently on community display, and will close on December 10 2021. The RFT will not be awarded until after REF determination, expected in February 2022.

The successful applicant will be selected through a two phase procurement process. The first phase requires interested applicants to submit their ROI Application. Three applicants shortlisted from this ROI process will be invited to submit tenders for the works summarised below.

Scope of Works

The scopes of work below includes the development of detailed design prior to proceeding with construction:

  • 3.6km road pavement and drainage improvements to The Driftway
  • Realignment of the eastern 0.4km of The Driftway
  • A new four-way roundabout intersection with Blacktown Rd and Racecourse Rd including a 30km long retaining wall and shared path connections
  • A new roundabout at the intersection of The Driftway and Londonderry Rd
  • Construction of a new bridge over Rickabys Creek
  • Providing access to properties along The Driftway to the new alignment
  • Relocation of utilities primarily at intersections
  • Seeking necessary approvals for the detailed design including certification for utilities design


To be able to submit tender, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Contractors will need to be pre-qualified with Transport for NSW under the National Prequalification Scheme at Category:
    1. R2 for Roadworks
    2. B2 for Bridgeworks
    3. F25+ for Financial Capacity
  2. Have the appropriate capability (either in-house or through subcontractors) in Road Bridge and Drainage Design to carry out the above scope of works.
  3. Attend the mandatory ROI Briefing online via MS Teams on 14 December 2021 10am.

Applicants will need to complete, sign in, and return the confidentiality deed to be given the passcode to access ROI documents prior to attending the ROI briefing.

Tender closes on January 14 2022 at 2:30pm.

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