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Consultancy Services for the Design and Specification of Leura Mall and Safety Improvements of Singles Ridge Road, Yellow Rock

Blue Mountains City Council is seeking design services for Leura Mall and Singles Ridge Road Safety Improvements. Applicants are required to submit a lump sum quote and schedule of rates, as well as respond to a questionnaire. Council has also expressed that proposals with a fee more than 30% above or below the median fee submitted will normally be rejected.

The Request closes on the 16th of November 2021, at 2pm. Any enquiries related to this Request for Quote must be made in writing to Zubayer Hossain on e-mail RFT ID 2021/22-W741-190-200

Leura Mall

Leura is one of the Blue Mountains’ most popular tourist destinations – boasting many fine coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Leura Mall runs right through Leura’s Village Centre, dividing the town with a wide grassy median strip, planted with flowering cherry trees. Preserving the historic streetscape is of utmost importance to Council and the community.

Council is looking for the following services for Leura Mall:

  • Detailed design of
    • raised pedestrian crossings and thresholds
    • kerb extension
    • part kerb replacement
    • stormwater management
    • landscaping
    • refuge island
    • cycle path demarcation
    • line marking
    • pavement marking
    • kerb and gutter replacement
    • Vehicular turning path analysis
    • Detailed street lighting design, compliant with AS1158 and relevant applications to Endeavour Energy

Singles Ridge Rd

Singles Ridge Rd is located in Yellow Rock, a small village in the Blue Mountains, named after the yellow sandstone common in the area. It is around 6km long and provides access to the popular Yellow Rock Lookout.

Council is looking for the following services for the design of Singles Ridge Rd Safety Improvements:

  • Detailed design, specification and BOQ for
    • guide post installation as per Australian Standards and RMS/TfNSW guidelines
    • vehicle activated sign (VAS) and barrier treatment
    • chevron alignment markers (CAMs)
    • shoulder widening and barrier treatment

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