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3 Fundamental Rules That Win Business


In our discussions with smaller businesses in the build environment we often have to stress fundamentals of tender writing.

Whether your organisation is a tier 2, 3, or 4 in this environment, there are fundamentals that every business needs to get right from the get go. It’s all about your customer/client.  They are the ones making the decision and ultimately paying the fees. Here are 3 fundamental rules that make the difference between a business that wins the tender and those that do not.

  1. Understand their business, the key decision makers and their paradigm. The available research indicates the buyer makes decisions of who to use based on their repertoire of tried and tested brands. To them, once you are viewed as part of their repertoire of brands they see you as interchangeable with your competitors and assume your business offers the same benefits.
  2. Know the underlying reasons, core issues or motivations driving the decision. Tier 1 companies research why the decision makers behave in a specific way, why they would accept one supplier over another and understand the buying signals. Once this is known you can ensure you are at the head of the queue.
  3. Ensure your documents meet their needs and reflect their standards, not yours. Too often companies miss out on a tender because unspoken expectations are not met. And, I have seen cases too where the questions in the tender are not addressed in the submission.  A rookie mistake that costs you business!

What’s your experience?  Do you agree or not?  I’d love to hear your view on fundamentals of winning business.