Customised Coaching & Training Programs

We’re known for transforming behaviour, and increasing our clients’ ability to win new business

By embedding the skills that deliver results, we transform the way your staff think and communicate – giving them the ability to identify the unspoken needs and expectations that if met, deepen customer relationships and deliver straight to the bottom line. We teach them to draw out and understand the intentions, motivations and wants of your clients.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Communication & Relationship Training and Coaching
  • Tender Response Training and Coaching
  • Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

Neuroscience has now proven that 70% of training doesn’t stick, and hence doesn’t result in behavioural change. For people to really ‘get it’ and change their behaviours they need ongoing coaching. We’re known for embedding skills within teams to ‘do it their way’; for giving individuals the confidence to be themselves, while growing the bottom line.

We combine training with customised coaching that ensures your training dollars actually translate into behavioural change and ROI.

Communication & Relationship Training and Coaching

Our communication and relationship training and coaching doesn’t aim to change participants’ personality and character. We are who we are. Rather, we work to enhance their existing qualities and strengths, and develop flexibility in their behaviour to enable them to build profitable relationships with a much wider variety of prospects and customers.

We help them recognise that profitable ‘win-win’ customer or prospect relationships are really about identifying their problems and providing solutions they will value. We coach your staff to step into the shoes of the prospect, and from that perspective critically analyse and define the dimensions of their priorities. The focus is on critical thinking and the ability to define the issues from the customer perspective.

Presentation & Communication Skills Training and Coaching

The key to successfully communicating whether it’s to 1 person or a 1000, is understanding the way the brain filters information and then learning skills to ensure your message is understood.

With over 95% of our brain processing unconscious, successful presentations stem from the skills to communicate to both the conscious and unconscious in the audience. Our training and coaching focusses on embedding the skills within your team to deliver powerful presentations that generate interest. Being a master presenter and communicator is about far more than the PowerPoint. It’s about 3 areas:

  • the showmanship – being engaging, using emotions, connecting with the audience
  • the message –understanding the audience’s cognitive perspective and then structuring the message to both their conscious and unconscious bias — framing it to say what they need to hear rather than what you want to say, and
  • the structure – strategically structuring the message to ensure relevance and generate conversations and leads.

Presenting and communicating to deliver results and mutually beneficial relationships, is part art and part science. Our program covers both these bases, and clients’, results attest to this.

Tender Response Training and Coaching

To win tenders, your teams need to be able to demonstrate at each step of the tender process that you can address the prospect’s priorities better than your competitor. Our coaching and mentoring processes allow your team to master the skills they need to do that. It focuses on:

    • Developing a strategic approach for tender and proposal responses
    • Understanding the underlying behaviours that drive buying decisions, and the spoken and unspoken issues and priorities
    • Structuring documents and framing messages to address those issues and priorities better than your competitors.

“Adette’s training although 4 years ago, is still with me. And it’s because it was so thorough that I’m now very focused on questioning prospects so that I can understand their needs and frame my services to meet these needs. I use her training each time I meet with a prospect and it’s helped me to win more work. What Adette taught me is now part of how I talk to clients and prospects. For example, I had a client I thought I could help with business restructuring. The first part of the project was an $8,000 review that led to another $40,000 assignment. Before Adette’s training, I don’t think I would have put the proposition to him. I would have waited for him to come to me.”

– Partner, RSM

At KnowledgeCore, we believe you can tell a lot about a person over a coffee and a conversation. If you’d like to find out whether we can actually help you, and are the sort of firm you could work with, then the coffee is on us.

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