Customer Strategy

Understanding the customer’s mindset to maximise sales

Understanding your customers is paramount to your success, especially as it becomes harder to maintain profit margins when competition becomes fierce. We combine in-depth customer insights with a practical expertise in developing growth strategies and market analysis to help you create sustainable growth.Customer strategy 

We focus on:

Customer loyalty and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In today’s market satisfaction does not equal loyalty! Customers are loyal to the outcomes they receive from their interactions with your organisation. We clarify the current drivers of loyalty to ensure their interactions go beyond mere satisfaction, providing significant economic advantage.

Defining customer experience

We get inside the minds of your customers and uncover the lenses that define the crucial experience from their perspective, and that can improve revenue, loyalty and operational costs.

Journey mapping

By using our methods to understand the journey from your customer’s perspective, you’ll uncover the unspoken needs, expectations and rules of the relationship. This is the difference between listening to customers, and actually knowing them.

Aligning brand strategy to the business objectives

We look at the crucial brand touchpoints that deliver sustained customer loyalty and trust and give you a distinct advantage over competitors.

Revenue acceleration strategies

It’s more challenging today to build meaningful relationships with customers, so by identifying the things your customers really want and expect we’ll help you deliver exceptional customer experience that drives advocacy, loyalty and revenue.

Market analysis and segmentation

We develop meaningful segmentations that define relationships and deliver value ‘outside in.’ We’ll also measure your share of wallet for individual market segments and develop strategies to increase this.

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