Customer Relationship Strategists

We use qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to understand your market

KnowledgeCore’s reputation stands on a single premise: that all of our projects deliver value and uncover opportunities within your market, your prospects and your customers.

Uncovering unmet opportunities: Understanding the customer’s brain

As competition gets tougher and margins become harder to maintain, understanding your customer’s mind can give you an edge. It provides deep insights that allow you to tune into and act on their needs, rather than your own, and win.


  • We uncover the drivers for decision-making. By revealing the lens through which your customers view the experience of working with you (and your competitors), we help you identify ways to increase your share of their business. Our methodologies uncover the unspoken needs, expectations and ‘rules’ of the relationship, so you not only listen to what your customers say, you understand what they really need and want. Once you have this understanding, your role is to capitalise on it – and we can also help you with that.
  • We uncover the drivers for loyalty. In today’s market, satisfaction does not equal loyalty. Nor does high Net Promoter Scores (NPS). We dig below NPS to clarify the current drivers of loyalty in your market so you can ensure your client interactions go way beyond mere satisfaction. By uncovering why your clients would or wouldn’t refer you to others, we identify the unspoken agendas, needs and expectations they have of your relationship. This provides the insights you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences, outcomes and value that drive both loyalty and revenue.
  • We help you align your brand strategy to your business objectives. We identify the crucial brand touchpoints or contact points that differentiate you from your competitors and drive ongoing customer loyalty and trust. We’re looking for the key points across the business model that are fundamental to ensuring a ‘base line of satisfaction’, and those that generate loyalty and with that increase revenue.

We uncover the gaps that cost you market share, revenue and share of wallet

Everything we do is grounded in evidence & focussed on optimising revenue from current and new relationships

We’re one of the few that can say all our strategic recommendations are founded in fact. Our methodology draws heavily on 2 areas:

  • Evidence in the market
  • Findings in cognitive neuroscience that allow us to uncover the underlying motivations that drive loyalty and purchase behaviour.

Research is always our first step – and it’s the foundation of all our strategies. All our research is focused on identifying:

  • What your clients and markets are after – which uncovers the missed opportunities
  • Their decision criteria for using you – which gives us the relationship parameters
  • How you need to frame your message and service to win more work

We work with clients conducting their customer research and analysis across Australia and even internationally.

Here are some examples of the outcomes we’ve delivered in our assignments

At KnowledgeCore, we believe you can tell a lot about a person over a coffee and a conversation. If you’d like to find out whether we can actually help you, and are the sort of firm you could work with, then the coffee is on us.

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