Tender & Proposal Debriefs to Improve Your Win Rates

Given the cost of tendering in both man hours and hard dollars, improving your win rates and managing your costs has a direct impact to your bottom line.

We conduct tender and proposal debriefs to uncover what you did well and not so well, so you can do it differently next time. More specifically, we identify the specific skills and knowledge you need to win future tenders. Improving your tender success rate is the only goal.

Conducted by an unbiased specialist, our debrief process provides an in-depth analysis of your response to the tender:

  • Your document, including how it compared to the competitors and the winning document, and the extent to which it addressed the real issues
  • Your presentation, including its relevance & impact
  • Your response vis-a-vis their success criteria
  • Your pricing

We identify both the subjective and objective factors that determined your win or loss. We shed light on the blind spots that are costing you money.

Want to get to know us at no cost to you?

If your company’s tender or proposal win rates are lower than 70%, we’ll conduct a debrief of your latest loss and get to the truth. We will focus on your strengths and weaknesses, and provide a 1 hour debrief with your key personnel to discuss the findings.

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