Case Study: Youth Telecoms

Research uncovers the real issues with churn and channel management

Business situation

In a marketplace dominated by two major companies and a proliferation of smaller competitors, this national mobile telecom brand was struggling to differentiate despite its focus on the youth market. They wanted understand why they were losing over a third of their customers through churn, and how they could increase sales despite enormous market restrictions.

How we helped

KnowledgeCore conducted market research and analysis to establish core brand attributes, understand what drove customer purchasing decisions and identify viable growth opportunities. We recommended focusing on all the brand touch points to understand the entire sales experience.

We carried out an in-depth analysis of teen mobile technology trends, and seven focus groups with children and parents. Our 39 in-store buyer experience audits revealed the reasons for the high rates of churn, and we received 254 responses to an online survey.


Our recommendations, based on thorough analysis of these results, allowed our client to boost market share in a cluttered market. This included a complete overhaul of visual merchandising, point-of-sale and collateral for consistent brand messages, and a new channel management process to foster closer relationships between in-store staff and brand representatives. In just 12 months, sales increased by 20%.


The data KnowledgeCore was able to extract was instrumental in shaping our business strategy to foster channel loyalty and boost sales.

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