Case Studies

Here are a number of case studies illustrating the nature and scope of our work:

Showcasing a company’s true value for a successful sale

The challenge

When a prominent Australian food company’s owners decided it was time to sell, they had difficulty articulating the value of the business. KnowledgeCore developed a comprehensive information memorandum to quantify, clarify and verify the revenue and profitability potential of the company… [READ MORE…]

In-depth analysis prevents failure on launch

Business situation

A technology start-up needed to understand the suitability of a new online marketplace solution for legal precedents documents. With government funding in place, they wanted to test demand and assessment criteria in different market segments, understand the competitor landscape and define commercial viability… [READ MORE…]

Research uncovers the real issues with churn and channel management

Business situation

In a marketplace dominated by two major companies and a proliferation of smaller competitors, this national mobile telecom brand was struggling to differentiate despite its focus on the youth market. They wanted understand why they were losing over a third of their customers through churn, and how they could increase sales despite enormous market restrictions… [READ MORE…]

Tailored RFT response that wins the unwinnable

Business situation

When this labour hire business saw an opportunity to tender for a $7million maintenance labour contract for a global manufacturing company, its leadership team knew they needed help articulating their experience and value in a detailed RFT… [READ MORE…]

A 100% success rate for expression of interest

Business situation

With more than 30 years experience in strata management, our client is known for exceptional building management and service. But whenever they were asked to submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI) they had a less than 20% win rate in moving to the next stage of tender… [READ MORE…]

Maximising the value of a membership tie in

Business situation

This mid-tier accounting firm has a strategic alliance with an industry association. Although it promised access to a desired target market, the current strategies weren’t delivering results… [READ MORE…]

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